Flash Flip Book, E-Book, E-Magazine, E-Catalog,
E-Brochure Design and Publication

Fresh Flash Catalog is an electronic publishing software that allows you
to quickly and easily create native page turning electronic publications
such as Online e-Books, e-Catalogs, e-Brochures, e-Presentations and
much more fast and easy.
You can make your own digital publications easily by
Fresh Flash Catalog flash page flip software.


New Project.

How to create new project.

Change Project.

Change project settings for your needs.

Basic Project

Creating a basic project and exporting it.

Advanced tutorial 1

Advanced tutorial 1 - Drag&Drop, multiple select and shortcuts.

Advanced tutorial 2

Advanced tutorial 2 - Using template pages.

Advanced tutorial 3

Advanced tutorial 3 - Using page transparency.

Advanced tutorial 4

Advanced tutorial 4 - Import and use actionscript.

Advanced tutorial 5

Advanced tutorial 5 - Link properties and sound.

Advanced tutorial 1 - Drag&Drop, multiple select and shortcuts.

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